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This is not a legal translation of our imprint. It is for information purpose, only. The legally applicable imprint is the German version (click on "Deutsch" on the top right of the page).


Provider of this internet presence in legal terms is the Institute of Marine Resources GmbH (IMARE).



IMARE Institute of Marine Resources GmbH
Bussestr. 27-29
27570 Bremerhaven



Tel: +49 (0)471 4831 22 00
Fax: +49 (0)471 4831 22 10


Legal form

The IMARE is a limited liability company. In accordance with  its memorandum of association, it was granted the temporary status of a non-profit-making organisation by the tax office of Bremerhaven on Jan 19, 2009. As proprietors are listed: the research support association of Bremen (Verein zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung in der Freien Hansestadt Bremen e. V. (VFwF) (80 %) and the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz centre for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven (20%).

Commercial registry at the local district court of Bremerhaven, registry nr. HRB 5338 BHV.


Business management

Business management: Dipl. Betr.wirtin (VWA) Birgit Borowy (Business Economist)


Value-added tax (VAT)

VAT identification number according to § 27 a VAT law: DE 262948216.





Bank account details

Städtische Sparkasse Bremerhaven
BLZ: 292 500 00
Account Nr.: 195 12 70

IBAN: DE 07 2925 0000 0001 9512 70



The content of these websites is protected by copy right. Images and photos on the IMARE website are property of IMARE and cannot be used, duplicated and disseminated without approval by IMARE. The IMARE respects copy rights of all authors of images, audio material, video sequences and texts that are used within its own publications. Duplication or use of images, audio material, video sequences or text from the IMARE homepage in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted except with the explicit approval of the respective author(s), or where these are explicitly declared as license free.
All rights are reserved to IMARE. All online documents and websites including its individual components are protected by copy right. They can only be copied and printed for private, academic and non-commercial purposes, if they include a copy right notice. IMARE reserves its right to revoke approval. Without written consent by IMARE, documents and websites are prohibited to be reproduced, archived, saved onto other servers, included in news groups, used in online services and saved onto CD-ROM. The can, however, be saved on a proxy server or cache for optimizing access speed.

We explicitly allow and welcome quotations from our documents and website, with corresponding references to IMARE and hyperlinks to our website.
Data privacy protection
Where the website offers the possibility to enter personal and business-related data (Email addresses, names, addresses), the divulgement of such data is explicitly voluntary.


Liability notice

The IMARE endeavours to provide up-to-date, true and complete information. IMARE however does not assume liability for completeness, up-to-dateness, errors of editorial and technical kinds, omissions, and correctness of the contents and services. Liability claims against IMARE that refer to damages of material and immaterial kind that originate in the use or non-use of the offered information, or rather the use of erroneous and incomplete information, are principally excluded, as long as no demonstrably intentional or grossly negligent default is existent.
In particular, no warranty is assumed for the completeness and correctness of information that can be obtained through hyperlinks that are directly or indirectly referred to.  Despite careful checking of content, we do no assume liability for the content of external links, for which solely the operating company is responsible. Since we have no influence on the composition and the content of linked websites, we formally dissociate ourselves from, and explicitly do not appropriate the content of linked websites. This hold true also for external entries into guest books, discussion fora and mailing lists offered by IMARE. This declaration is applicable to all available links on the IMARE website.
The IMARE explicitly reserves its right to change, complement, delete, or interrupt (temporarily or ultimately) the disclosure of parts of, or the entire website.

If you detect any technical or content-related errors, please contact us at

Numerous authors of IMARE help provide the content of the IMARE website. Each department carries out its own changes. 

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